Pale Face Photo Spa 

Pale Face Photo Spa is a small business offering professional skin care, massage therapy, limited makeup & photography, clothing construction and clothing repair services; in a relaxing environment.

Our combination of services is well suited to those who would like to, or all ready do, work in front of the camera; or who are preparing for a special event. Since photography lights can make even minor blemishes show through makeup, our skin care can heal these and reduce the need for camouflaging with makeup.  While our massage therapy will keep people sweeping across stages and sets without pain.

Our photographic service is geared towards people working in, or pursuing trades that require portfolios to get work, such as: fashion design, salons, interior decorators, models and theatrical performers; with occasional weddings or senior pictures.

Owned and operated by Monte Aukes, a Niles resident since 1990.

Monte Aukes