Pale Face Photo Spa 

Sugar Hair Removal

You'll never go back to razor or wax!

For your first sugaring we will trim your hair to a proper length if it's long, but if you currently shave you'll need to let it grow to a length between 1/8" and 1/4".  After the first time your hair will pull easier and it can be 1/8".

When you regularly have your hair removed with sugar paste, you shouldn't see growth until about two weeks.  When you start to see the new hair growth, it will be very fine and soft.

Brow Shaping $24
Brow Maintenance $8
Upper Lip $8
Chin $8
Cheeks $24
Entire Face (including Brow Maint.) $48
Back of Neck to Hairline $12

Underarms $20
Hands $15
Forearms $24
Full Arms $32

Full Back (Men) $50
Chest (Men) $25
Abdomen (Men) $25

Naval $15
Gluteal Fold $15
Gluts $15
Bikini Sides $15
Designer Bikini Initial $45
Designer Bikini Maintenance $30

Full Legs $40
Half Legs $25
Feet $15