Pale Face Photo Spa 

Facial & Body Treatments


Corrective facial treatments are chosen for your skin type and skin conditions.  These treatments are designed to be relaxing, enjoyable and very effective. 

Corrective Facial (60 Minutes) Includes:                   $45

  • Cleanse, Tone & Exfoliating Scrub
  • Extractions (as needed)
  • Multiple Masks
  • Potent Serums
  • Relaxing Massage
  • Premium Moisturizer

Chemical Peels

Peels are strong treatments that yield rapid improvements in the health and appearance of skin.  

60 Minute Facial Chemical Peel Includes:                  $60

  • Bare Fruit Mask
  • Layered Peel Prep, Serums, Peels, Peel Boosters, etc..
  • Healing Mask, Moisture, Serums and Sunscreen
  •  Relaxing Massage

20 Minute Body Peel (one section per visit)              $45

  • From heels, over back of legs to top of hip bone(gluts)
  • From top of hip bone, entire back to neck & back of arms
  • From toe nails, over front of legs to top of hip bone
  • From top of hip bone to the rib cage
  • Front of arms and décolleté'

Chemical Peel Basic Knowledge

  • Don't do Aerobic Exercise on a Peel Day, or in the WEEK following a Peel.
  • Don't use gritty exfoliates on a peel day, or in the week following a Peel.
  • Stop tanning well before starting your Chemical Peel Regimen.
  • Keep Cool!  Body heat and perspiration will reactivate the peel.
  • Use Corrective Facials instead of chemical peels, if your lifestyle won't allow proper healing of the skin.