Pale Face Photo Spa 

Medical Style Massage
Great for Pain Relief!

Great for: back pain, neck pain, hip pain, joint pain, sciatica, low back pain, numbness, shoulder pain arm & hand pain and more.

30 Minute Table Massage                                       $36

60 Minute Table Massage                                       $64

90 Minute Table Massage                                       $90

120 Minute Table Massage                                     $120

Chair Massage                                                       $1/min

Massage & Stretching

Massage and stretching are very important tools to help you feel good throughout your lifetime. When people are in pain all inspiration seems to subside, until even a smile can no longer be genuine.

Massage and stretching are your primary tools for addressing problems while they are yet small. Restore circulation and range-of-motion to painful, or (recently healed) injuries, before the body compensates and redevelops your musculature.

We give discounts to our returning customers. Cold Laser Therapy, Infrared Heat, Heat Packs, Castor Packs and Cold Packs are used as needed at No Extra Charge! Great for sciatica, back pain, low back pain, joint pain, neck pain, numbness and more! No matter how many years you’ve had this pain, or if you’ve gotten massages for this before, try us.

MLD Manual Lymph Drainage
(the Vodder Method)

We offer MLD for the Head and Neck.  These techniques can relieve puffiness and congestion in the skin.  MLD can greatly improve your complextion and the health of your skin.