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Seams Perfect

Brenda of Seams Perfect works with us on photoshoots and is skilled in making custom clothing. 


Custom Dress or Outfit

You can schedule an appointment with Brenda at Pale Face Photo Spa for a Free Consultation to discuss new garment construction such as Wedding Dresses, Special Occasion Outfits and more. 


Color Analysis

Schedule a color analysis with Brenda to become a smarter shopper!  Go to the stores and shop the sales, knowing what colors really work for you.  Using large swatches of fabrics, Brenda will show you the changes to your skin tones that the colors of your clothing (reflecting onto your skin) produce. 

They say that complimentary colors, which are opposites on the color wheel, mix to produce neutral gray.  Similarly, the wrong colors reflected onto your skin can produce grayish, unhealthy tones.  Whereas your best colors will bring out a rich, healthy glow.

Look closely at the image below to see the difference between warm and cool skin tones, and how the gold and silver accents compliment them.

Color Analysis

Warm Skin Tones

Cool Skin Tones

Gold Accents

Silver Accents


Clothing Repairs

You can also schedule a Free Consultation to get a quote on Clothing Repairs.  So don't let those old favorites go!

Custom Costume
Custom Costume